Beyond Charity: 10 Years of Oxfam India — by Savvy Soumya Misra

Oxfam has been in India for nearly seventy years — proved aid in cash and kind for those who needed it the most, supported grassroots movements and activists, and fought for the rights of the Adivasis, Dalits, Muslims and women. Over the years, its focus has shifted to building strong communities, empowering women to smash patriarchal social norms, rehabilitate survivors of natural and man-made disasters, and make communities sustainable.

In 2008, Oxfam India became an Indian NGO, and this book takes stock of the first ten years of Oxfam India. It is the story of Oxfam India’s work through stories of people — people who worked at Oxfam, people who worked with Oxfam, and people for whom Oxfam has made a difference. It is a story of change told through people, rather than through economic and social theories.