The Second CSIP Research Conference: Philanthropy and its myriad avatars


Dec 13-15, 2023 (Online Event)

Deadline for Abstract Submission: November 3, 2023




The Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy (CSIP) invites interested researchers and practitioners to submit abstracts for contribution to the Second CSIP Research Conference (CSIP-RC) to be held from 13-15 December, 2023. This will be an online conference.


The Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy (CSIP) at Ashoka University is India’s first academic centre focused on enabling strategic and robust philanthropy for greater social impact. It informs sector strategy through credible research and data, convenes spaces for cross-sectoral and cross-domain exchanges, and offers programmes that foster collaborative learning and strengthen civil society capability. CSIP undertakes a number of research studies focused on critical topics in social impact and philanthropy, with an emphasis on expanding the space for knowledge creation and application within India.


The CSIP-RC is hosted by CSIP for researchers and practitioners in the philanthropic and social impact ecosystem. The goal is to share and engage in theories and practices related to the field of philanthropy. With this end in mind, the conference aims to:


  • provide a platform for the promotion of and engagement in philanthropy research in India
  • support participants in building their knowledge and skills for a deeper engagement with the philanthropic landscape
  • create opportunities for participants to network and explore possibilities





In the 1st CSIP-RC held in 2022, we looked at different forms of giving. This included an exploration of the philanthropic responses to  COVID-19 pandemic,  study of new and emerging forms of giving as well as community-based giving.


This year, we expand the scope of our focus to understand philanthropy from different perspectives. The themes for CSIP-RC 2023 are:


  • Philanthropy in Uncertain Times
    Challenges and opportunities for philanthropy in an unpredictable epoch


  • Methodologies for Philanthropy Research
    Approaches, rationales and strategies to researching ‘philanthropy’ as a field of study.


  • Diaspora Philanthropy
    Understanding the threads of philanthropy that bind diasporas to their ‘homeland’


  • Family Philanthropy
    Roles, functions and implications of philanthropy by families


  • Voluntarism
    Modalities of non-cash giving


  • Pedagogical Approaches to Philanthropy
    Perspectives on ‘teaching’ and ‘learning’ in philanthropy




Instructions for Abstract Submission


Abstracts for theoretical as well as empirical papers on the above sub-themes are welcome for submission for the conference. Abstracts should be submitted by filling the abstract submission form.


Abstracts sent for review must be in English. Please submit a brief biography and a 500 word abstract with a working title, clear statement of the research problem, concise methodology used, an outline of the primary arguments and statement of conclusion/s by 03 November, 2023. The decision regarding the selection of the abstract for the conference will be communicated to your email address by 1 December, 2023.


This year, in addition to the paper presentation, the CSIP-RC invites submissions for researchers and practitioners to present their work-in-progress research as poster presentations. The abstract submission guidelines for the poster presentation as as well as the abstract submission form are the same as those for the paper presentation. Selected participants will get to present their posters on 13 December, 2023 (subject to changes on the basis of entries and time availability). Format specifications for the poster presentation will be shared with selected participants.

Abstract Submission Process


Interested candidates must fill the abstract submission form by November 3, 2023. Please ensure that abstract is submitted as per specifications mentioned on the form.





Can research groups/ consulting groups submit abstracts for CSIP-RC 2023?

Yes, research groups/ consulting groups can submit abstracts. The group should nominate an individual to present the paper at the conference.


Is there an upper or lower age limit?



Will only published papers be considered for the CSIP-RC 2023?

We do not have any particular preference for published papers. Any working paper on the said thematic areas can be submitted.


Will there be any honorarium for presenting at the CSIP-RC 2023?

No, there will be no honorarium.


For queries, please email with subject line CSIP-RC 2023: Query.