Research Fellowship 2021 : Research Papers


The Current Landscape of Philanthropy for Adivasi and Tribal Women at the Grassroots

Nolina S. Minj, Ruby Hembrom, and Christy Nag

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Faith-Based Organisations in Kashmir: Mapping the Intersectionalities of Philanthropy, Religion, and Politics

Mudasir Amin


COVID-19 Response: Non-profits in the Indian Crafts Sector

Binil Mohan

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Philanthropy for the Ocean

Adithya Pillai, Sanjana Chevalam, and Adit Dsouza (Dakshin Foundation)

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Funding for Gender Equality in India: Applying a Feminist Lens

Aayushi Aggarwal, Arundhati Sridhar, Bedotroyee Bhattacharjee

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‘Sacralising the Secular’: Philanthropy in Christian, Hindu, and Islamic Organisations

Malini Bhattacharjee


Philanthropy and giving in tribal society: a study among the Apatani Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh

Dr. Tadu Rimi


Philanthropy for Equitable and Inclusive Development (A Study Documenting the Status and Resource Mobilisation Strategies of Community-Led Organisations [CLOs] in India)

Satyendra Kumar


Rotary, Inner Wheel, and Lions: A Look at the American Service Model in India

Shohini Banerjee

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The Emerging Landscape of Family Firm Philanthropy in Uttar Pradesh

Shweta Singh


Parsi Philanthropy and Giving: Understanding its Locations in the Present

Zubin Miller

Giving to Others in the Nation A Framed Online Field Experiment in Uttar Pradesh (1)

Giving to Others in the Nation: A Framed Online Field Experiment in Uttar Pradesh

Monisha Dhingra