Call for Abstracts : Frequently Asked Questions

Will only published papers be considered for the research conference?

We do not have any particular preference for published papers. Any working paper on the said thematic areas can be submitted. Decisions will be taken on the merit of the abstract. Researchers are responsible for seeking requisite permissions in case papers are in print/to be published/presented elsewhere.

Can research groups/ consulting groups submit abstracts for the conference?

Yes, research groups/ consulting groups can submit abstracts. The group should nominate an individual to present the paper at the conference. 

Does the biography have to be of the individual or the group?

If applying as a group, the organization details should be submitted under biography. Profiles of individuals presenting selected papers should be submitted separately prior to the conference. 

Does the paper have to be on philanthropy only?

No, the paper can be on any of the three themes mentioned in the call for abstracts- Philanthropic response to COVID-19; New and emerging forms of giving; Community based giving. 

Does the paper have to be about India only?

Yes, the paper should  focus on India.

Will you respond to all those who submit abstracts?

No. Unfortunately, due to the expected large number of submissions, we will be able to respond only to those whose abstracts get selected for the conference by April 1, 2022. 

Will you let me know if my application is not complete?

No, we will only consider completed applications and will not be able to let you know if your application is not complete. Please read the instructions carefully. Please add the subject line – ‘Research Conference on Philanthropy and Giving in Indiawhen submitting your abstract. 

Will there be any honorarium for presenting at the conference?

No, there will be no honorarium. 

I have an idea that is not included in any of the relevant list themes – can I submit it instead?

The shortlisted topics were drawn up after careful consideration and align with our priorities this year. We will consider only those submissions that align with the list of themes for this year’s conference. 

Do you have an upper or lower age limit?

No, we don’t.

Can I live anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can be living anywhere in the world but the paper must be about India.

Will you actually respond to all email queries?

We will respond to all queries that have the correct subject line. We cannot guarantee that we will see and respond to other messages.

Is there any registration fee?

No, there is no registration fee for the conference.